Addison Ross - Affordable luxury

February 27, 2018

Addison Ross - Affordable luxury

Here at Hamper Lounge, we rely on our fantastic suppliers to help us create our luxurious hampers and gifts. Let’s take a closer look at Addison Ross, one of the most notable companies we work with and a favourite at Hamper Lounge HQ.

The story of Addison Ross

The company which has since become a global supplier of luxury décor has more humble origins, beginning in the Scottish Borders in 1978 – the home of Addison Ross co-founder David Addison Ross. Beginning as a gallery featuring some of the finest works in sports art, the first gallery was swiftly followed by another in the prestigious surroundings of London’s Belgravia. Here, Addison Ross began crafting handmade frames for many of London’s most impressive West End galleries, before expanding to a warehouse and factory complex in Northumberland, which allowed the company to create frames to a higher standard and with a much swifter turnaround.

Affordable Luxury

By the early 1980s, Addison Ross frames and artwork adorned the walls of many banks and hotels in the city of London, as well as operating as a springboard for the careers of some of the country’s most impressive young artists. This in turn led to the company receiving the Royal patronage of the Queen and other members of the Royal Family. Together with his wife, Sarah, David launched the brand’s signature photo-frames in the early-1990s and in 2016 the company created a range of home fragrances in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading parfumiers.

Today, Addison Ross focuses on creating style and luxury at an affordable price-point, working to craft items which will suit décor of all styles. From their photo-frames to a range of candles, diffusers and the option to personalise many of their stunning items, objects from the Addison Ross collection make incredible gift ideas or simply present a way to add a touch of stunning design to both domestic and commercial spaces – all without breaking the bank.

Our Addison Ross Range

At Hamper Lounge, we’ve incorporated items from the Addison Ross Range into our luxury hampers, as well as offering them individually. You can find Addison Ross frames featured in our hampers such as Timeless Pieces, ideal gift for a new home, anniversary, corporate gift or Father's Day gift.


Also our Baby Shower Box, with a beautiful photo frame perfect for showcasing snaps of a new arrival.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, the timeless elegance of Addison Ross pieces will always be a welcome addition to any space. We also have their exquisite pieces at home!