Sea Island Coffee - purveyor of coffee

April 04, 2018

Sea Island Coffee - purveyor of coffee

Here at Hamper Lounge, we are proud of our carefully curated selection of fantastic providers, who help us create our winning range of hampers, gifts and accessories. In this blog we’ll be focusing on Sea Island Coffee, a purveyor of extraordinary and rare coffees designed to put a pep in your step!

What is Se Island Coffee?

A haven for coffee-lovers everywhere, that’s what! Offering a literal world of coffee at your fingertips, Sea Island Coffee is sure to delight coffee-fans of all persuasions with its extensive range of coffee from around the globe. Coffee shop culture has undoubtedly contributed to a growth in interest and availability for both premium and artisan coffee brands which you might not find in your local supermarket – with higher quality coffees flooding onto the market. Sea Island Coffee is one of the finest places to head in search of something a little out of the ordinary, and perfect for coffee fans eager to experiment with new flavour profiles, new coffee-brewing traditions and coffee-growing regions.

Where does Sea Island Coffee come from?

Some of the best coffees come from high altitude areas of tropical islands in areas such as St Helena, Jamaica and Hawaii. The volcanic soil of Panama has also helped to yield more robust beans. Each order is harvested and shipped to order, ensuring a fresh hit of coffee every time you buy. The company has a wide range of coffees on offer, as well as a range of luxury gifting options for coffee aficionados. The Wild Animal Coffee range has attracted attention and meets only the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Exploring the Sea Island Coffee Range

Whatever kind of coffee you’re looking for, Sea Island Coffee are sure to impress – simply browsing the website is like diving into a coffee fanatic’s paradise. We’ve incorporated some of the finest products from the Sea Island Coffee range into our hampers. The Coffee Connoisseur hamper includes a rich assortment of coffees from Sea Island Coffee, including the Dominican Republic Nuevo Mundo, the Jamaica Blue Mountain Cyldesdale Coffee Gift Barrell, and both the Yemen White Camel Mattari and the Nepal Mount Everest Supreme. For those seeking to sample an individual coffee from the company, Hamper Lounge also stocks individual versions of each coffee-type, as well as the impressive Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Gift Barrel, perfect for gifting to the coffee-lover in your life!