Why is Prosecco So Popular?

April 20, 2018

Why is Prosecco So Popular?

In recent years, the UK has seen a rapid expansion of prosecco, with its popularity overtaking champagne as the nation’s sparkling wine of choice. Yet what is it about this drink which has UK audiences so hooked? At Hamper Lounge we incorporate prosecco into a range of our deluxe hampers and gifts – read on to see how this delicious bubbly has captivated Great Britain…

Accessible Luxury 

Prosecco is often sold at a much more affordable price point than champagne, making it a form of accessible luxury which has undeniable appeal in post-recession Britain. This is one of the primary ways in which the drink has gained dominance over the UK market; by capitalising on the need for an alcoholic beverage which makes celebrating feel much more indulgent, without breaking the bank. It’s not just bars and restaurants which have seen prosecco launch itself on the UK, but the growing range of ‘dine in’ options at supermarkets also use prosecco to help build a very appealing image of luxury for their customers, available at different price points. Tapping into the celebration market has also been about a lot more than simply encouraging everyday indulgence - supermarkets such as Waitrose report a 12% increase in Prosecco sales at key times of the year such as Christmas and New Year. 

Targeting the Female Market

The drink has also managed to captivate the hard-to-crack female market. This is particularly impressive as many female-targeted alcoholic beverages have tried and failed to monopolise the need for a suitably feminine-friendly drink ideal for celebrating evenings out or female-led events, without leaving customers feeling patronised or insulted. It has even been suggested that Prosecco offers a suitably Instagram-worthy drink which is adaptive enough to find its way into everything from drinks to bubble baths and even the latest fad, ‘pawsecco’, for treating your pet to a celebratory sip of dog and cat friendly prosecco.

Lasting Appeal

Much as Prosecco is currently enjoying its moment as the drink of choice, there’s no sign this is going to slow down in the near future. Prosecco is light enough to appeal to almost everyone. Sainsburys reports having sold some 5 million bottles in 2016, and Tesco states a 26% increase in Prosecco sales across their stores. This delicious drink is becoming evermore ingrained in the public consciousness and drinking habits, so it’s surely only a matter of time before we’re all converted to the joys of Prosecco…