Buy it. Love it. Pay for it.
30 days to pay with no interest or fees for the service - simple, safe and secure 


Shop with just a few clicks!
1. Select ‘Pay later’ at checkout
2. Enter a few personal details - name, email, date of birth and address
3. Complete the purchase and your items will be shipped
4. Receive payment instructions from Klarna via email
5. Pay in 30 days  


Shopping with Klarna
You can review your purchases and settle your monthly statement at any time by logging in at or by downloading the Klarna app. 


Credit check and handling of your personal data by Klarna
If you choose Pay later, Klarna will assess your creditworthiness. Klarna processes your personal data in order to carry out their obligations in this agreement  


About Klarna
It’s all about smoooth (yes, with 3 ooo’s). Klarna is Europe’s leading alternative payments provider and a newly-licensed bank, which wants to revolutionise the payment experience for shoppers and merchants alike. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005, the fintech unicorn gives online consumers the option to pay now, pay later or over time – offering a trusted, frictionless and smoooth checkout experience. With Klarna, customers only need to provide top-of-mind information to complete a purchase. At the core of Klarna’s services is Pay later, which lets you check out items in your own home before you pay. Klarna now works with 100,000 merchants to offer payment solutions to shoppers across Europe and North America. Klarna has 2,000 employees and is active in 14 countries.