Yemen White Camel Mattari Coffee

This coffee has been carefully sourced by Sea Island Coffee to obtain the very best Yemeni coffee produced under the famous White Camel brand by Ahmed Alhamdani.

Yemen was the first country in the world to grow coffee commercially.
Most of the coffee grown in Yemen today consists of ancient heiroom varietals of Arabica coffee that originates from Ethiopia and which is not grown anywhere else in the world, creating coffees that are unique in taste profile to Yemen.

Due to the lack of rain in this region the coffee plantations need to be irrigated but the dry air has the benefit of creating a very small and extremely hard coffee bean.

Mattari, is a term coined for coffee coming from the Bani Matter area, a high-altitude coffee growing region, west of Yemen’s capital Saan’a. This is the most renowned of Yemen coffee and the taste profile is a very fragrant, acidic and complex cup.

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