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If you want to impress your friends and family with a cheese hamper or basket, you need to know what to look for. There are many different types of baskets and hampers on the market, and they aren't all created equal! We've created this guide to help you find the perfect one for your next party occasion.

Step 1 - Choose your basket or hamper

When picking out your basket, hamper or box, it's important to remember that you want something that is easy to carry and store. The last thing you want is your cheese hampers to leak all over the place when they get delivered.

To avoid this, ensure the basket or hamper is made of material that can withstand moisture without getting damaged. Also, make sure it has a lid so that when not in use, it will stay nice and dry until the next time you need it again!

Step 2 - Think about your audience

The next step is to think about your audience. If you are having a party for children, you may want to consider a cheese that is not too strong in flavour. Additionally, if the host of the party has any dietary restrictions or allergies, it would be best to have some variety in your selection so that everyone can enjoy. If you are hosting an adult-only event, then feel free to go all out and select some more mature cheeses!

Step 3: Select a theme

cheese hampers ukThe next step is to select a theme.

Themes are important because they help you choose the right cheese, and they can make your hamper stand out from others. For example, if you're buying for someone with a sweet tooth, it will be helpful to know that the French cheeses included in this hamper were selected because of their incredible natural sweetness.

If you're buying for someone who's really into wine and cheese pairings, then it might be worth focusing on a theme that connects with food and beverages. In this case, we'd recommend selecting one of our Wine & Cheese Hamper or Wine & Cheese Gift Boxes.

Step 4: Pick the cheeses

Now is the time to pick your cheeses. Choose a variety of different cheeses, all of the good quality, with different styles and ages. It's also worth thinking about including soft cheese, like brie or camembert; a hard cheese such as cheddar or parmesan; and if you really want to impress your guests, there's nothing quite like blue cheese!

Step 5: Include a few nibbles

Now that you've chosen your cheeses, it's time to decide what else you want to include in your hamper.

The most obvious option is some savoury snacks—crackers, biscuits or other small bites that will complement the cheese nicely. Some sweet treats are also nice; perhaps a chocolate bar or some fruit? If you're feeling adventurous, consider adding nuts, olives and pickles too! Perhaps there's room for chutney and relish (if so, this person has clearly never been on an aeroplane before).

Step 6: Use the right cutlery and accompaniments

hamperloungeMake sure you have the right cutlery. You don't want to be using a knife that's too heavy for your cheese, which will cause it to tear or crumble. Also, make sure you have enough cheese knives for everyone at the table!

Consider serving accompaniments such as bread and crackers, olives and chutney. These add variety and texture to your platter of delicious cheeses.

If you're looking for a good wine pairing, ask the sommelier at the store where they recommend something suitable – they'll probably have several suggestions based on what type of cheese you're buying!

Finally, don't forget dessert: if there are going to be children at this party (or just anyone who isn't partial to alcohol), consider including another sweet treat like chocolate bars or chocolates from your local corner store


Next time you're throwing a party, consider ordering your cheese hamper online. It can be a fun way to bring together friends and family while sharing your love of food and wine.

Delightfully affordable cheese hampers for every occasion

Cheese is one of the most popular foods in the UK, and it's easy to see why. It's tasty, versatile and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Cheese hampers are a great gift for anyone who loves cheese, whether they're a cheese connoisseur or a casual fan. They're also an excellent way to introduce someone to a new type of cheese without having to buy them a whole block.

Cheese hampers are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas gifts or just as a treat for yourself! They're also great for sending overseas as long as you include some instructions on how best to store your cheese, so it doesn't spoil during transit.

The perfect Christmas gift for cheese lovers!

red wine and cheese hamperThere is no such thing as a "perfect" Christmas gift, but for cheese lovers, a nice big box of assorted cheese products would be pretty close! This gift would be ideal for both entertaining and everyday enjoyment. Your cheese lover would be able to try a variety of different flavours and textures and possibly even discover a new favourite.

If you are not sure which types of cheeses to get, or if you want to ensure your selection is perfectly paired with wine, beer or other beverages, then you should consider getting them an assortment from a cheese hamper. They have several different options available that include everything from simple cheddar to gourmet brie and from blue cheese to goat cheese.

The best way to discover French cheeses is through a cheese hamper

French cheese doesn't get the credit it deserves, but it's a delicious part of any meal. The best way to discover French cheeses is through a cheese hamper. This is the best way to explore the wide variety of cheeses that France has to offer, and you'll be able to taste them all in one convenient place. Plus, a cheese hamper makes a great gift for any cheese lover in your life.

A French Cheese Hamper

A cheese hamper is a collection of French cheeses that you can order online or from your local grocery store. It includes several different types of cheese, as well as crackers, bread, jams and more. You can choose between different kinds of hampers that include only soft cheeses or hard cheeses or have both included in them. You can even get a box filled with gourmet items that are made in France, such as wine and chocolate!

A Perfect Gift

cheese and wine hampers If you're looking for an awesome gift idea for someone who loves their cheese, then consider ordering them a French cheese basket. They'll be thrilled when they open up the box and see all these delicious treats inside! These baskets make great gifts for holidays like Christmas and birthdays or just because you want to show someone how

Those of us in the cheese industry know that everyone loves cheese. However, for some reason, many people don't know about all the different kinds of cheese available to them. Sometimes, those who do enjoy a good hunk of cheese are overwhelmed by the choices and simply opt for the cheddar they are most familiar with. If you have a loved one who is a lover of cheese — or if you just want to learn more about this tasty treat — read on for some answers to common questions about cheese.

What goes in a cheese hamper?

A cheese hamper can contain a variety of different types of cheese, as well as accompaniments like biscuits, chutneys and jams.

The best cheese hampers will typically include a range of hard and soft cheeses, along with some delicious condiments that will allow you to enjoy your cheese in all its glory. So if you're looking for a gift that offers something a little bit different, a cheese hamper from companies like Hamperlounge could be the perfect solution.

What is a cheese hamper?

A cheese hamper is a type of food hamper that typically contains a selection of cheeses. Cheese hampers can be found in many different price ranges but tend to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Cheese hampers UK are often given as gifts but can also be purchased for personal use. Many supermarkets and specialist food stores offer cheese hampers, so they are relatively easy to find. The contents of a cheese hamper will vary depending on the provider but usually include a variety of different cheeses, crackers, chutneys and jams. Some hampers may also contain wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Does red wine and cheese hamper a good combination?

Red wine and cheese is a classic pairing, and many different types of cheese go well with red wine.

However, not all cheeses are created equal. Some cheeses are better paired with red wine than others. For example, rich and creamy cheeses such as brie or camembert are best paired with a fruity red wine, while hard cheeses such as cheddar or parmesan work well with a more robust red wine.

If you're looking to create the perfect cheese and wine pairing, it's important to consider the flavour profile of both the cheese and the wine. Be sure to experiment until you find the combinations of red wine and cheese hamper that you like best!

Where to find fancy cheese and wine hampers in the UK?

There are a few ways to find fancy cheese and wine hampers in the UK. One way is to look online. There are many websites that sell hampers, and you can often find ones that include French cheese and wine. Another way is to go to a speciality store or gourmet shop. These stores usually have a selection of hampers, and they may be able to help you find one that meets your needs. Finally, you could always try contacting a local cheesemonger or wine merchant. They may be able to put together a hamper for you or recommend someone who can.

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Whether you are looking for luxury gift hampers, a personalised cheese hamper or an amazing selection of gourmet food & wine boxes, a present from Hamper Lounge truly shows how much you care.
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Giveraway Hamper Lounge Logo 720x
Whether you are looking for luxury gift hampers, a personalised cheese hamper or an amazing selection of gourmet food & wine boxes, a present from Hamper Lounge truly shows how much you care.
And with next day delivery within the UK for orders placed before 1pm, we're the perfect choice every time
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