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Looking for personalised gift hampers? Tired of searching through endless websites for a gift that's both thoughtful and affordable? 

You're not alone. That's why we created Hamper Lounge, an online service that offers an exceptional range of luxurious gift hampers at affordable prices.

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Our mission is to make your life easier by providing you with the perfect gift at the touch of a button, whether it's for your grandmother or your boss. We have something for every occasion—birthdays, anniversaries, thank-you gifts, or ‘just because’—and we'll even help you choose the right contents! With our easy online tool, you can create your customised hamper in a matter of minutes.

If you're looking for something truly unique and memorable, look no further than!

The Best Place To Buy Premium Gift Hampers Online

The best gift hampers are made here at Hamper Lounge! For numerous years now, we’ve been making gifting easier and yet more special by curating collections of the finest quality items into a variety of beautifully presented food and drink hampers suitable for any occasion.

Get the perfect gift hamper for any occasion

• Our hampers are beautifully presented and include a variety of high-quality items.
• Our ingredients are sourced from some of the UK's leading luxury brands and small artisan producers.
• A personalised gift card is included in the price.
• Hamper delivery available anywhere in the UK.
• Get 10% off your first order!
• Shop by price or shop by occasion to find the perfect gift for your needs.

There’s more to gifting than simply handing over a present. There’s the element of surprise and anticipation and watching their face light up as they open it. It’s the delight of the recipient knowing that someone has thought about them and taken time and trouble to source a gift that’s meaningful and relevant. And then there’s the happiness and unity of a shared moment. And with our assistance, you can convey whatever sentiment you want with a perfectly presented gift hamper.
gift hampers
Send an expression of gratitude, your congratulations, or best wishes with one of our amazing products, sold at the best gift hampers cost in the UK. You’re sure to brighten anyone’s day with a gorgeous, meticulously packaged luxury food basket they’ll remember for years to come. Whether you’re gifting a bottle of champagne to celebrate a milestone or treating someone with a sweet tooth, we have gifts options for every budget and occasion.

You’ll find the perfect gift hamper basket online at Hamper Lounge, from festive Christmas hampers to extra-special birthday hampers or a unique gift that says ‘Thank You’.

Find the ideal handmade luxury hamper for family, friends, employees or clients with The Hamper Lounge nationwide UK service and fast delivery to most locations around the country. Let us show you what we mean when we say “bringing joy to gifting” by placing an order online today.

Enjoy Exceptional Customer Service!

We're proud to say that, since our launch, we've maintained a stellar customer service record.

Our customer service team is responsive and helpful. If you have any questions about our hampers or the delivery process, they're just an email away!

We also pride ourselves on having one of the most efficient delivery processes in the industry. Our hampers arrive quickly and are always well-packaged.

If you want to pay by credit/debit card, PayPal, or another method, we've got it covered! We know how important it is to be able to pay for your order in whichever way is most convenient for you.

Finally, our ordering process is easy and clear. You can easily browse our products with clear photographs and descriptions. What’s more, we'll send you an email confirmation as soon as your order has been placed!

Client Reviews: Find Out What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Ros B.
5 Stars 01
"I ordered a gourmet hamper for a friend who was going through a difficult time, and she was so happy to receive what I sent. She particularly loved the cheese selection, which she thought was fantastic.The lady I spoke to on the telephone was lovely, and couldn’t have been more helpful. I will certainly be ordering from Hamper Lounge again".
Ally W
5 Stars 01
"I had a great experience ordering from this shop from overseas for local delivery to a dear friend on his birthday! They even upgraded the champagne I ordered because they ran out of the kind that I ordered. It was delivered in a beautiful box and made my friend feel so celebrated. Thank you"!
Risa E.
5 Stars 01
"I was looking for a special gift to send a coworker across the pond. After searching countless websites, I chose Hamper Lounge because the gifts were lovely and seemed special. And it was! The gift arrived on time and was very much appreciated. I received an email confirming the gift had been delivered. Would use Hamper Lounge again in a heartbeat"!

What Is A Gift Hamper?

hamper gift

A gift hamper is a combination of items elegantly displayed and delivered in a keepsake box to commemorate a special event. Gift baskets can be customised to incorporate a variety of items. Typically, the presents in a gift hamper are centred around a specific theme, and the contents can be tailored to the recipient and the occasion in question, no matter what you are celebrating.

Birthday presents, Christmas treats, gourmet food and wine, pamper gifts, romantic Valentine’s Day gifts, and baby gift hampers are among the most popular gift baskets we compose and deliver.

Items relevant to a particular event are included in a traditional wedding or baby shower gift baskets. Birthday gift hampers, on the other hand, are comprised of hand-picked products that reflect the recipient’s personality.

Mother’s Day gift hampers can include chocolates and luxurious products for mum to pamper herself, while dads will love the beer or other alcohol that’s included in our Father’s Day hampers. A speciality tea hamper is a great choice for a wellness or relaxation gift.

Graduation, a promotion at work, a significant milestone such as signing an important contract, a thank you gift basket, an end-of-year gift for a teacher or celebrating an anniversary – all these are occasions that can all be commemorated with gift hampers. Gift hampers are classic, adaptable, and one-of-a-kind presents for any occasion.

Although pre-designed gift baskets and hampers are a great source of inspiration, it’s even better if you select the contents to make your own customised gift hamper with items you think will best suit the recipient’s tastes and interests. However, if you’re short on time or don’t know the recipient that well, a pre-made hamper can be the more convenient choice.

A Brief History Of Gift Hampers

A hamper is one step up from a gift basket. Hampers are traditionally baskets, often made of woven wicker.

The word hamper derives from the medieval Latin word anappus or hanappum, which means “to stow away”, and hampers as we know them have a long history dating back to early medieval Europe. Then, a willow basket known as a hanapier was traditionally used to transport drinking glasses or wine goblets, known as hanaps, in medieval England and France.

Back then, the King’s messenger, the nuncius regis, would carry treasures and important documents in a wicker case known as a hanaper. The tradition of carrying valuables in a hamper extended in Victorian England to include a hamper filled with food and supplies for a lengthy journey. When visiting friends or relations, travellers would bring a hamper filled with clothes or food for their hosts.

It was also traditional to send gifts of clothes and food to family members in wicker baskets. Neatly packaged in woven wicker hamper baskets, these items were sent over long distances by railway to friends and family during the industrial revolution. And as well as gifts for the well-off, wealthier families would give hampers containing essential necessities to poorer families to help them survive harsh winters.

While the use of wicker baskets hasn’t been consistent over the years, the term “hamper” came to be associated with any package of food and supplies offered as a gift. Soldiers were given care packages in boxes or utilitarian crates during World War One. As a method of showing their affection with a few home comforts, loved ones at home would send gift baskets to sick soldiers or those on the front lines.

The wicker basket became a popular style for picnic hampers. The woven picnic hamper was ideal for transporting wine and food, because it was breathable, readily aired, and durable, which explains why these hinged boxes are still popular as picnic hampers today.

Why Choose Gift Hampers?

Traditional hamper baskets exude sophistication, style, and a joyful simplicity that sets them apart from other similar gifts. It’s a luxurious present that can communicate your affection to the recipient. The long history of gifting hampers at key moments in our lives continues with variations such as the present box or bag.

In the twenty-first century, variety is the spice of life. What will make your gift stand out from all the others your recipient receives? There are no hard and fast guidelines to what can be placed in a hamper, but a combination of delectable treats that the recipient wouldn’t usually think to buy for themselves is bound to bring a smile to their face. No one can resist the allure of tasty, luxurious food and beverage treats.

That is why food gifts have become so popular in recent years, and what we do at the Hamper Lounge is make the gift even more special with beautifully crafted gift baskets that express your warmth, affection, and love.

Now we’ve explained some of the charm, allure and interest created by gift hampers, why not browse The Hamper Lounge’s selection for yourself? Whatever the occasion, our selection of hampers and gift baskets has been carefully curated to make it simple for you to share premium gifts of hampers with your friends and family.

The perfect gift for any occasion - discover our range of hampers today.

Whether you're looking for a last-minute gift or sending a treat to someone special, you'll find the perfect hamper here at Hamper Lounge.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping now!

Order now to make any occasion even more special. For any enquiries, call us on 020 3797 7557 or contact us through email at

And for our latest news, great gift ideas for any holiday or celebration, and more, check out our blog, which is updated regularly!

Gift Hampers: Get the Answers You Need!


Is a hamper a good gift?

Gift hampers in the UK make terrific present ideas. They’re attractive and full of enticing treats that make any occasion special. Whether you choose a ready-made one or select the individual items based on your recipient’s tastes, they make a thoughtful, beautifully presented gift for any occasion, especially when purchased from a high-quality seller.

Additionally, gift hampers often come with decorative packaging and can serve as a beautiful centrepiece or decoration before being opened. Finally, gift hampers can be tailored to fit any budget or occasion. Whether it's a small token of appreciation or a lavish holiday gift, a gift hamper is sure to please.

What are hampers used for?

A hamper is a basket-like object traditionally made from wicker, created to hold items, particularly food and beverages. Sellers offer a range of hampers suitable as presents for occasions such as weddings, baby showers or a house-warming. A birthday gift hamper, for example, might contain cake, sweets and champagne so the recipient can celebrate their special day in style.

What is a gift basket business?

Some companies create customised baskets for particular special occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, and holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter. They may curate ones for children incorporating small gifts and sweet treats, or for grown-ups, wine and beer hamper gift options might be just what you’re looking for.

Why do people love gift baskets?

Whether the recipient is male or female, gift hampers for her or him can be packed with surprises. They’re adaptable, customisable, cost-effective, make great photo opportunities, and are one of a kind. Giving your loved one a gorgeous basket full of their favourite things will make their day even more special.

When did hampers start?

Hampers first came to England in the 11th century from France after the Norman conquest. Then, the term denoted a woven basket made of willow that was used to carry food and drink on hunting trips or long journeys. Hampers enjoyed renewed popularity during the Victorian era.

How many items should be in a gift basket?

That depends on the giver, the size of the container they choose, and the amount they wish to spend on the gift. Gift hampers for men, women, and children can be as large or as small as you want, entirely bespoke to your requirements. Part of the charm is the way the basket is presented, so leave room for packaging.

What is the average cost of a gift basket?

Basket gifts are available in various styles, sizes, and prices to suit the customer’s requirements and budget. Prices can start as low as £15.00 for small chocolate gifts, rising to £500 or more. Including alcohol can push the price up – a gin gift hamper can be anything from £29.50 to hundreds of pounds, depending on how lavish it is.

What are gourmet boxes?

Gourmet hampers or gift boxes have contents that are hand-picked to complement each other around a general category, whether sweet or savoury, gluten-free or healthy gourmet meals, for instance. Produce included is typically sourced from local and international unique artisan brands and manufacturers.

What should I put in Christmas gift hampers?

Some popular ideas for Christmas gift hampers could include festive treats such as Christmas ornaments, holiday cookies, and wine. You could also put in small gifts like scented candles and glassware. 

If you’d like, you can also add some decorative elements like ribbons to make the hamper look festive and complete. Additionally, personalising the hamper with a handwritten note or including something that caters to the recipient's specific interests can make it even more special.

How much does it cost to send a hamper?

It generally depends on how quickly you want your hamper to arrive. Postal gifts are sent by standard Royal Mail delivery for £4.25 while for same-day London delivery on weekdays, you will pay £15 with a small surcharge for delivery on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Expect to pay a little more if you are creating your own hamper.

How long does it take for gift hampers to be delivered to the recipient?

This depends on the delivery method chosen at checkout. Postal delivery via Royal Mail can take 1-3 business days, and there are also next-day or same-day delivery options available. 

Delivery times may also vary based on the location of the recipient.  It is important to note that during holidays or peak seasons, delivery times may take longer than usual.

How does Hamper Lounge deliver gift hampers safely?

At Hamper Lounge, we take the safety and secure delivery of our gift hampers very seriously. All orders are packaged in sturdy boxes and securely sealed to ensure they arrive at their destination intact. We also work with trusted courier companies to ensure timely and safe delivery to our customers' chosen addresses. Additionally, we offer an option for contactless delivery to minimise potential risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to delivering our gift hampers safely and securely for both our customers and their recipients.

Why is it called a hamper?

Originally from the medieval Latin word anappus or hanappum, which means “to stow away”, a hamper was originally a wickerwork basket with a lid typically used to store documents or foodstuffs. Today, hampers are a popular gift for special occasions, such as birthdays or the holiday season.

Where to buy chocolate gift hampers UK?

If you’re looking to buy hamper gifts UK, then checking out Hamper Lounge is the best decision to make. We have a wide selection of gift hampers UK-wide to choose from.

What are some gift hamper basket ideas?

A hamper gift basket is a great way to show someone you care. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a gift hamper basket, but some of our favourite gift hamper ideas include:

  • A wine and cheese basket
  • A basket of cookies or baked goods
  • A picnic hamper filled with wine and treats for an outdoor excursion

How does Hamper Lounge handle temperature-sensitive gift hamper items?

At Hamper Lounge, we work with temperature-controlled packaging and delivery services to ensure that all temperature-sensitive items are kept at the appropriate temperature during transport. We also prioritise these types of shipments to minimise any potential delays. In the rare event that a temperature-sensitive item does arrive compromised, we will work with the customer to find a satisfactory resolution.

Where can I buy luxury gift hampers for her?

There are a few different options when it comes to finding luxury gift hampers for her. One option is to shop online. There are a number of websites that specialise in luxury gift baskets, and many of them have a wide variety of options to choose from. One example is Hamper Lounge. We have a wide selection of hamper gifts for her. Plus, our gift hampers for her are delivered nationwide and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How do I choose a gift hamper for my girlfriend?

First, think about what your girlfriend likes and her interests. Is she into skincare or gourmet food? Is she a fan of a certain brand, or is she health-conscious? This will help narrow down your options for gift hampers. Next, consider the presentation of the gift hamper. Will it come in a beautiful basket or a stylish box? Will it be wrapped nicely with decorative ribbons and bows? Lastly, make sure to include a heartfelt note to personalise the gift and show your girlfriend how much she means to you. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to choose the perfect gift hamper for your girlfriend.

How much does a pink gin gift hamper cost?

The cost of a pink gin gift hamper will depend on the contents of the hamper. A gin hamper gifts can cost anywhere from around £30 to over £100, depending on the supplier and the contents of the hamper. For example, at Hamper Lounge, you can buy a gin gift hamper that includes a bottle of pink gin along with snacks, chocolates, and other treats for around £60.

Where to buy birthday gift hampers for men?

There are plenty of great places to buy hamper gifts for men, but one of the best places to visit is Hamper Lounge. We have a great selection of birthday gift hampers for men, and we're always reasonably priced. Plus, our customer service is top-notch - they're always happy to help you find the perfect hamper for your needs.

How to order a birthday gift hamper for best friend online?

If you're looking for a great gift idea for your best friend's birthday, why not try a birthday gift hamper? At Hamper Lounge, we offer a wide selection of gift hampers perfect for any occasion, and we can deliver them right to your friend's door. To order birthday hamper gifts for her birthday, simply browse through our selection of hampers online and select the one that best suits your needs.

How to find affordable mothers day gift hampers UK?

Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate the woman who has done so much for us. If you're looking for an affordable gift, Mothers Day gift hampers from Hamper Lounge are a great option. We offer a variety of gift hampers that are perfect for any budget.

One of our most affordable hampers gifts is the Deluxe Spa Hamper, which is just £111.50. This hamper includes luxury bath products, candles, and more. If your mother loves to pamper herself, this is the perfect option!

How much is the price of a craft beer gift hamper?

A beer gift hamper makes the perfect gift for any beer lover. Not only do they offer an amazing selection of craft beers, but they also come with a range of delicious snacks to enjoy alongside your favourite brew.

Prices for beer hamper gifts next day delivery start at just £24.99 within the UK. So whether you're looking for a Christmas gift, Father's Day present, or simply want to show someone how much you appreciate their love of good beer, a craft beer hamper is a perfect choice.

Where can I buy new baby gift hamper?

If you're looking for a new baby gift hamper, there are plenty of great options here.

Hamper Lounge offers a variety of baby hamper gifts. You can find a hamper that includes everything from clothes to soft toys. There is also baby gift hamper specifically for newborns, which includes items like booties and onesies. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that the parents will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift.

When shopping for a gift hamper, it's important to keep in mind the age and needs of the child you're shopping for. Make sure to choose a hamper that is age-appropriate and filled with items that the child will need and use.

How can I ensure that the newborn gift hampers I buy are safe?

Your main priority should be to buy from a reputable and trusted retailer, preferably one that offers tailor-made packages for newborns. You can also look for certifications and safety seals on the items or packaging. Additionally, always follow usage instructions and check for product recalls before giving the gift to the parents. Finally, it is also important to consider any potential allergies or sensitivities the baby may have and choose appropriate items accordingly.

What are the best gift hampers for co-workers?

Some good options for gift hampers for co-workers could include a selection of gourmet snacks and beverages, a collection of handmade soaps or bath products, or an assortment of accessories. Other ideas could include a themed hamper with a carefully curated assortment of products, or pampering hampers with body scrubs, scented candles, and aromatherapy oils. Ultimately, it's important to consider the individual preferences and interests of the co-worker if you want to choose a meaningful and appreciated gift.

Benefits Of Sending Out Gift Baskets

Here are some of the advantages of buying gift hampers:

Suitable for all occasions

There are few milestones in life that aren’t enhanced by receiving a present basket filled with surprise goodies! The contents can be curated by the hamper company or chosen by you to suit the recipient and the occasion. Either way, it’s likely to be a present that isn’t duplicated by anyone else! A gift hamper shows you have considered the individual’s tastes and interests.

Convenient, fast delivery

We’re all short on time these days, and with the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, we may not have the time or inclination to shop as we used to. Gift hampers can be chosen and ordered online from the comfort of your own home and can be delivered to the recipient quickly and conveniently, even same day to London addresses if you place your order in time.

custom gift package

What You Should Know About Gift Hampers

Baskets come in a variety of forms, and can be used to celebrate any occasion, from typical events like Christmas and birthdays to marking the birth of a child or as a thank you gift for a kindness you’ve received. They’re equally appropriate for your nearest and dearest, or for the corporate environment when you want to thank a client or member of staff for going the extra mile.

Gift hampers can now be purchased in a variety of containers, from the traditional wicker basket to recyclable cardboard boxes, suitably decorated. Baskets contain fine cheeses and chutneys, sweets and chocolates, specialty teas or even more lavishly, wine or champagne hampers for particularly special occasions.

Benefits Of Buying Gift Baskets Online

Shopping for chocolate hampers online has a host of advantages for both buyers and sellers. Here are some examples:
personalised gift hamper


Online shopping excels in terms of convenience. Virtual gift stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week - unlike physical shops, they never close. That means you can browse what’s on offer and order in your own time from the comfort of your own home without any of the hassle and expense of trudging around physical stores.

Wider Product Ranges

The internet opens up a world of choice – you can easily browse through as many stores as you like to find the perfect present for every occasion, quickly and easily. This means there’s a far wider choice of products and services available to you than you might find on the high street, so you can select a gift unique to the recipient that they aren’t likely to have seen anywhere else.

Facts You Should Know About Gift Hampers

In the early days of hampers, gift sizes tended to be limited as the basket had to be portable enough for an individual to carry it whole travelling on foot. Now, travel and shipping are cheaper and more convenient than ever, so your gift size is only limited by your budget.

In past times, some hampers would include only staples of food and drink to help a family survive in winter, say. Now, hampers tend more to be an expression of luxury and given to celebrate special occasions in style. Hampers and gift boxes can now be as unique and as special as you like.

Browse through our impressive range of cheese hampers and gift baskets – you’re sure to find one to delight any recipient on your gift list. Or why not create one of your own, personalised perfectly to their tastes and interests?

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Whether you are looking for luxury gift hampers, a personalised cheese hamper or an amazing selection of gourmet food & wine boxes, a present from Hamper Lounge truly shows how much you care.
And with next day delivery within the UK for orders placed before 1pm, we're the perfect choice every time
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Whether you are looking for luxury gift hampers, a personalised cheese hamper or an amazing selection of gourmet food & wine boxes, a present from Hamper Lounge truly shows how much you care.
And with next day delivery within the UK for orders placed before 1pm, we're the perfect choice every time
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