Top tips for the etiquette of afternoon tea

January 23, 2018

Top tips for the etiquette of afternoon tea

Here are some top etiquette tips for afternoon tea compiled by our friends at The English Cream Tea Company.

1. When sharing afternoon tea - scones, clotted cream and jam with cups of tea - always offer tea and food to others first.

2. Gently break your scone into halves, don't cut it with a knife.

3. Put your jam and cream on the side of your plate and from there add to your scone with a knife.

4. When making tea, always use fresh water.

5. Pour tea into your cup before the milk. The English Cream Tea Company's tea is also great without milk - the team at The Hamper Lounge can vouch for that!

6. If your cup and saucer are on a low table, pick up both holding the saucer under the cup as you drink. If sitting at a dining table, it is fine to pick up the cup on its own.

7. Never leave the spoon in the cup or drink from the saucer!

8. And finally the best tip - relax and enjoy the experience!