Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Region

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Region

Coffee lovers, have you heard of the famous Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica?  If not, you absolutely need to try it! 

We are beyond obsessed with this delectable coffee bean with its perfectly mild and creamy taste. It makes a great choice if you’re searching for the perfect coffee gifts for any of the coffee connoisseurs in your life. We love it so much that we’ve added it to our much-loved coffee hampers.

Read on to find out a little more about where this popular coffee bean comes from, and what exactly makes it so great.


Mellow & Mild

Hailing from the Blue Mountain region in Jamaica, this coffee is well known for not being bitter and having a deliciously mild taste.  It is hugely popular in Japan, with more than 80% of it being exported there. The beans are most commonly used for brewed coffee.

The coffee liqueur company Tia Maria also use these beans as their flavour base.

If you’re keen to travel to the region and taste the fresh Blue Mountain coffee beans, you’ll find them located between Port Antonio and Kingston. The Blue Mountains are some of the tallest mountains in the Caribbean region. They rise up to a height of 7,402 feet (2,256 metres)

Perfect Growing Conditions

Climate conditions are ideal for coffee cultivation in the Blue Mountain region. There’s a high level of rainfall and temperatures are generally quite cool.  The rich soils offers the perfect level of drainage. The weather and the soil combined make this region truly ideal for the production of these glorious coffee beans.   

Official Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee comes with a certification mark that is globally protected and issued by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board. So you can rest assured of the authenticity of the product if it includes this certification. It has also been done to try and prevent traders from selling poor quality beans and passing them off as hailing from this region.  The Coffee Industry Board also monitors the cultivation of the growth of the beans.

Give The Gift Of Coffee

Over the years, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has risen in popularity to become known as one of the most famous and sought out coffees in the world. It tends to be costlier than many other coffees, but is definitely worth it if you are looking for gift ideas for anyone who loves coffee!


Our Jamaica Jamaica! gift box is perfect for Blue Mountain coffee connoisseurs.
This gift box includes Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee for the cafetiere, by Sea Island Coffee supplied in a miniature barrel made from Japanese Cedar and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee by The Little Coffee Bag Company - coffee on the go!

Jamaica Jamaica


Also our Coffee Break Box coffee hamper makes an ideal gift for coffee lovers, and includes the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Bags by The Little Coffee Bag Company. The coffee hamper also includes a tin of the scrumptious Haraz Mountain Mocha Yemen Coffee by Sea Island Coffee. Together with Salted Caramel biscuits by Cartwright & Butler and a Honey Milk Chocolate Bar by Coco Chocolatier, it is sure to offer the recipient a divine afternoon of pure coffee indulgence.

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