Coco Chocolatier - Chocolate Delight

January 12, 2018

Coco Chocolatier - Chocolate Delight

Imagine a bad day, when nothing is going your way. Imagine your train is late, and it is of course raining. It is Monday, your boss is less than understanding and your payday is next century.

Then you come back from lunch to find a thoughtful friend has unexpectedly left a small box of chocolates on your desk. Your payday is still a century away, but in that moment of discovering the gift, you feel treasured and loved. There is something terribly endearing about receiving chocolates – in fact, many unlicensed medical practitioners believe it to be the best recipe for instant happiness, short of an orgasm.

This is the sort of feeling we are aiming for with our gifts and hampers. There are many tiny details which have to be just right to create it – chocolate orgasm is a fleeting thing, and a teeny tiny whit off may spoil the whole thing. Apart from the flavour of the chocolate itself, the presentation has to be just right. Tesco's finest just won't cut it, no matter how fine it may really be – you are aiming for that luxury, exclusive feel.

This is why we have chosen to work with Coco Chocolatier. They are an artisan chocolatier based in quirky, artsy Edinburgh. They offer unusual chocolate flavours (gin & tonic dark chocolate, anyone? Drinking chocolate with lemongrass?) presented in beautiful wrapping. They are also quite happy to work with you to create custom chocolate flavours tailored to your liking. Your intended recipient wouldn't just be getting a bog-standard box of chocolates – you could surprise them with a completely unexpected flavour! Coco Chocolatier are unapologetically innovative and daring, and we are hoping to create many unforgettable experiences with their help.