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There are few champagne houses as prestigious as Moet et Chandon, which is the perfect gift hamper present. It is renowned around the world as a supplier of fine and vintage champagnes to everyone from celebrities to royalty. But how much do you really know about the brand behind this delicious tipple? Let’s take a closer look at the key events which have made Moet et Chandon the company it is today…go on take it on your next picnic!

A Rich Heritage

Moet et Chandon was founded back in 1743 by a French wine trader by the name of Claude Moet. Whilst he began the trade in alcohol, it wasn’t until his grandson, Jean-Remy Moet took over the business that it really began to transform into the world-famous luxury brand it has since become. Jean-Remy had a talent for schmoosing and knew plenty about the wine world.  This enabled him to swiftly build both the image and influence of his family’s company, visiting locations throughout France and further afield. Jean-Remy worked tirelessly to build the brand’s image as luxurious and decadent, and above all, quintessentially French. 

Growing a Champagne Empire

During the reign of King Louis XV, demand for sparkling wine was at its peak, and the company was perfectly-placed to capitalise on this. 

Royal mistress Madame de Pompadour became the company’s very first ambassador, and Moet et Chandon was even loved by Napoleon, who met Jean-Remy in 1782 whilst at military school. The two swiftly became friends, and throughout numerous military campaigns, Napoleon was known to first visit the Moet et Chandon headquarters to stock up on champagne supplies. The company was renamed from its original title ‘Moet & Co’ in 1833, after Pierre-Gabriel Chandon joined the company.

Enduring Popularity

Moet et Chandon remains one of the world’s largest champagne producers, creating around 26,000,000 bottles each year. Their vineyards are classified as ‘grand cru’ (great growth), the classification given to vineyards which produce particularly high-quality grapes. The Moet et Chandon vineyards cover some 2,500 acres and the company ships champagne around the world.

Today, popular ranges include Dom Perignon, Imperial, Rose Imperial, Nectar Imperial and the prestigious and exclusive Grand Vintage varieties. During the 20th century, the brand merged with Hennessy Cognac and Louis Vuitton to become LVMH, the grandest luxury brand in the world. They currently hold the royal warrant as the official supplier of champagne to Queen Elizabeth II, marking them out as the luxury brand of choice almost 300 years after their founding.

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