House of Dorchester - Fine British Chocolatiers

January 13, 2018

House of Dorchester - Fine British Chocolatiers

We aim to present as diverse and varied an offering as possible, using only the best of the best. This is why we've chosen an array of suppliers who, while sharing the same dedication to maintaining a high quality standard, differ in the ways they approach creating luxury products.

Few things speak quality chocolate louder than the House of Dorchester, supplier of luxury chocolates to many hotels, restaurants and shops in the UK. Based in Dorchester, they have been founded in 1963, as, according to them, it was a lot easier to start making quality chocolate themselves rather than finding someone to supply it! Starting out as a small shop called “The Dorset Maid” on the high street in Dorchester, initially they had just one lady hand-crafting the chocolates in the shop. Very soon, thanks to word of mouth, they had to significantly increase the amount of people creating their chocolates. Today, a small shop is no longer enough for the scale of their production, and the House of Dorchester operates out of a factory on the Duchy of Cornwall's Poundbury Estate in Dorchester.

Another quintessentially British supplier, they place great value upon their heritage and core values like quality and service. You can hardly go wrong when picking a gift for yourself (or someone just as important in your life!) from one of their collections. The packaging they choose for their products exudes quality, solidity, trustworthiness.

 The House of Dorchester is more about good old tried and tested recipes rather than bold experimentation. Items from their collections could make great gifts for a business partner or a valued guest. It is a truth universally acknowledged that chocolate is the non-verbal form of “thank you” and “please come again”.