Pairing red wine with food

Pairing red wine with food

Many of us are mad about a great bottle of red wine; this flexible drink can help break the ice and works fabulously for entertaining. But how can we ensure the right food pairings for the rich and full-bodied flavour of a great red?

Pairing light red wines

Of course, not all red wine is as strong as others. A lighter, more delicate red wine pairs well with dark leafy greens and vegetable dishes, where these strong flavours could overpower a white wine. A light red is the ideal halfway-point, allowing the fruit to help combat the acidity of green vegetables. Another great pairing is to add a light red wine when enjoying salad dishes, which will help to bring out the earthy flavours. Pinot noir and Burgundy both work well here.

Pairing medium red wines

With a stronger red wine, opt for flavours which can compete with the bolder taste of your wine choice. Red meat works well, helping to emphasise the flavours of both the wine and the meat for an almost perfect pairing. Vegetable stews and tomato-rich dishes, chicken and fish such as salmon all also work exceptionally well when served alongside a denser red wine.

Pairing strong and fortified red wines

Some find very strong red wine too much, but the trick is to ensure the same level of sweetness to help negate an acidic taste. Fortified wines might not be to everyone’s taste, but when matched with the right food combination the results can be surprising even for those who thought they’d never try such a match! Dark chocolate is a particularly great choice when opting for strong red wines, as are chocolate-desserts in general. The richer the better; this is one wine variety that can certainly stand up to the challenge!

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