Top Ten Tea Loving Countries In The World

Top Ten Tea Loving Countries In The World


It’s a well-known fact that we have a long-standing love affair with tea in this country. But did you know that we’re not the only nation with a passion for a piping hot cup of freshly brewed tea? Here’s our list of the top ten tea adoring countries around the world:

On average, people in Turkey drink 16.6 points of tea per year! Definitely the most popular hot drink in the country, tea in Turkey is served in lovely little glass bottles and many Turkish people love to meet up and socialise over a cup or two.

2. Morocco
Morocco is the second biggest consumer of tea around the world. They like their tea in fresh and light flavours such as mint and tea. If you’ve had the opportunity to visit Morocco, you’ll have seen their entertaining way of serving it by pouring it from up high to create a foam on the top of the cup.

3. Ireland
The average Irish individual can consume up to 4 cups of tea a day. A cup of fresh hot brew is the perfect remedy on a cold and grey Irish winter day.

4. Mauritania
In the country of Mauritania in western Africa, tea is served rather ceremoniously. Three cups are served in one sitting, with each cup being sweeter in taste. Each individual consumes around 7 pounds of tea per year, and they have a particular preference for green tea!

5. United Kingdom
Us Brits land right at the middle of this tea loving list, with our love affair of tea going back as far as the 18th century.  We like our tea at breakfast, in the afternoon, on a work break, and pretty much any time we can get our hands on it.

6. Seychelles
This beautiful little island grows and harvests its own tea, with flavoured teas such as Vanilla and Island tea being the most popular.  

7. United Arab Emirates
Consuming many cups of tea together is a huge part of the culture in the UAE. The hot brew has risen in popularity over the years, and residents here now drink about 4.17 pounds every year.  

8. Kuwait
Black tea is usually the tea of choice in this country, with hosts choosing to serve it hot with a sweet or nut side dish. Take note, declining a cup of tea in Kuwait could be considered an insult so always graciously accept if offered!

9. Qatar
Right nearby, residents from Qatar also love their tea, choosing to boil it for a stronger flavour and drink it with milk. Their way of preparing tea is known as ‘Karak’.

10. Kazakhstan
Kazakhs tend to consume up to seven cups of tea a day, and it’s the staple beverage when socialising. From breakfast to dinner, they love a hot brew with milk and sugar.
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