Top five pamper day ideas

Top five pamper day ideas


We could all use a pamper day occasionally and taking some me-time is the best way to stay healthy and mentally fresh. Pampering yourself can include a range of activities from going on a countryside walk, to running a bubbly bath or even just chilling out in front of the TV. As the weekend beckons, we’re here from Hamper Lounge to give you our top five pamper day ideas.

Run a bath

This is such a simple idea but can often be overlooked in the hurry of day-to-day life. Running a bath and spending an hour relaxing in hot water with soapy bubbles can be the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day. This is also a great option if you don’t have the time to dedicate a whole day to pampering. Just an hour in the bath can be enough to refresh yourself. Our ‘Lavender and Lillie Mini Box’ comes complete with luxurious soap and body lotion and is a great gift to give a loved one- pairing beautifully with a freshly-run bath.

Use a face mask

Everyone’s skin could use a break from wearing face masks in everyday life. Treat your skin to some pampering and pick up a few face masks to do in the evening. If you have to keep the mask on for a while, pop on your favourite film or tv show and relax. This is a fun one to do with friends. Perhaps buy each other facemasks and have a lovely evening relaxing together.

DIY Spa Day

Sometimes trying to find and book a spa day can be more stress than it’s worth- especially if you have a busy schedule. DIY your own spa day at home and relax whenever you feel like it. Indulge your loved ones with ‘The Deluxe Spa Box’ that comes equipped with everything you need for an at-home spa experience. Packed with exquisite bath and body treats, pampering in the comfort of your own home is guaranteed. This is a thoughtful thank you or get well gift that shows you care.

Pamper your feet

Sometimes we can forget to show our feet the love they deserve after carrying us around all day, every day. Pamper your feet by putting together a big bowl of warm water and adding bath salts. Pair the experience with our ‘Lip and Hand Box’ which comes with two luxury hand creams plus a lip balm and scrub. Nourish your hands, feet and lips on your pamper day. A great thinking of you gift

Have a glass of bubbly

Really treat yourself and have a glass of bubbly (or a few!) whilst you relax. You can easily combine this with the other suggestions and sip your treat in the bath for a luxurious evening. Send our ‘Me Time Pamper Gift Box’ to a friend or loved one that really deserves some pampering. The box has everything you need including luxury soaps, calming bath oil and a bottle of prosecco for a truly delicious pamper day.

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