How the UK went baby shower crazy

How the UK went baby shower crazy

While traditionally an American celebration, the popularity of baby showers is on the rise in the UK. But what is fuelling this trend – and what gifts should you be looking for if you get an invite?

Changing traditions

The impending birth of a new baby has always been met with joy and celebration, but there’s no denying the baby shower as we know it now stems mainly from the United States. First becoming popular in the 1930s, when there was an explosion in commercially available (and affordable) gifts thanks to mass production, these events have experienced a big boom over the last two decades. Normally held in the afternoon, the main purpose of a baby shower is to relax with friends and give and receive gifts – and at The Hamper Lounge, great gifts are what we do best!

The orgin of baby showers

Celebrations to welcome a new baby first began in ancient Rome and Greece when the pregnant woman was isolated before and just after the birth. She was then welcomed back into her community by a party and gifts after she had been purified after the birth of the baby.

Also in ancient Egypt, celebrations took place after the birth of the baby once  the mother and child were purified.

Later during the Middle Ages, trays of food were given to the expectant mother to ensure her good fortune during childbirth and the weeks after it.  

During the Victorian period, the word pregnancy was strictly taboo, but once the mother had given birth, a special tea would be held for her along with gifts for the baby. This was known as showers as if this was a first birth the woman was literally showered with gifts. If it was a second baby, the mother would be given s a “sprinkling” because it was assumed that she would need fewer items, having already saved those from the first child.

From the early 1900s onward brought about the modern day baby shower in its present day form. Because medicine had come a long way and women were surviving childbirth more frequently, and the infants too were surviving, it was safer to give a baby shower with gifts before the birth. This was a happy event that also included games and friends and family felt more comfortable about offering their best wishes to mother and child without the concerns that had been there in previous times.

A chance to get a helpful gift

A new baby brings a whole host of new responsibilities for the happy parents, and a baby shower is a great opportunity to show them you’re there to help. Practical gifts are popular at baby showers; everything from bottles to baby blankets, and clothing for the new arrival, frequently make their way onto the must-have list at these fun affairs. Other times, it’s presents for the parents which take centre stage – calling for celebratory champagne (for once the baby arrives) and some treats to ease mum and dad into parenthood.

Ideal gift options

Whether you have weeks to prepare or receive an invite at the last minute, shopping for a new baby is made simple thanks to the next day delivery we offer on all our hampers and gift boxes. Popular items in the Hamper Lounge range include the Precious Little One gift set, comprised of a bottle of Bollinger Champagne for toasting to the latest addition to the family, a pair of Angel Booties by Albetta, and a silver photo frame from Addison Ross for capturing a lovely snapshot of the baby!

Meanwhile on the more practical (and fashion conscious!) side, there’s the Little Love new baby gift box, which includes a stunning Stellar bodysuit for baby by Another Fox, alongside a matching hat and beautiful Shirley the Sheep soft toy for welcoming the new arrival into the world.

Looking for the perfect gift for new parents or a new baby? At Hamper Lounge, we specialise in luxury gifts for every occasion. Browse the full range at our online shop!


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