Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, our favourite romantic holiday is just around the corner. And let’s face it, most of us are unlikely to have bought our presents just yet. No need to panic. We have the absolute perfect gift solution for the most special person in your life.

                                                        Gifts for her

Whether this is your first Valentine’s day as a couple or your tenth, why not make this one the most special yet by sending one of our lovingly created hampers?  Here are our top picks for Valentine’s gifts for her.

For the lover of classic romance - Champagne, Chocs, & Roses £120

What girl wouldn’t love one of these gorgeous gift boxes with all the essentials for a truly classic Valentine’s celebration? With a Moet et Chandon Champagne Bottle, a vase filled with a dozen exquisite red roses, and a heart shaped box of chocolates from the House of Dorchester, this hamper contains everything you need to sweep your other half off her feet.



For an at-home pampering experience - The Deluxe Spa Box £111.50


Bring your girl a truly indulgent spa experience without even leaving the house with this glorious gift box. This hamper is stuffed to the brim with bath and body treats that will relax and revive her mind and soul. It includes a selection of luxurious soaps such as the Seaweed & Shea Butter Soap by Plum & Ashby and the Extra Sensitive Organic Soap by Nathalie Bond, as well as decadent oils and lotions such as the gorgeous smelling India Body Lotion by Lavender & Lille and the Calming Bath Oil by Mirins Copenhagen. Head over to the product page to discover more about the full selection in this hamper.


For the candle lover  -The Mini Harrogate Candle Box £45

If your other half is a lover of scents and smells, then this lovely little gift box packed with four mini scented candles is sure to delight them. This hamper includes a selection of four 10cl scented candles by The Harrogate Candle Company, including the scents orange & cinnamon, vanilla musk & lavender, lime & black pepper and geranium, eucalyptus & orange.





                                                      Gifts for him

Men can be even more difficult to shop for when it comes to occasions like Valentine’s Day, with most classic presents such as roses and perfumes geared more towards women. But have no fear, we have created a selection of luxurious gift boxes that the man in your life will be sure to love.


For a morning treat - Breakfast in Bed £84.99


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to be surprised with breakfast in bed? This hamper has everything you need to make his Valentine’s morning extra special. It includes Breakfast Range Preserves by The English Cream Tea Company, honey, breakfast tea, organic coffee and scrumptious shortbread.



For lovers of beer: Beer Box £34.99

If he’s a fan of beer, he’s sure to appreciate our carefully curated selection of six delicious craft beers from some of the best microbreweries in London.




For a spot of indulgence:  "Me Time" Box £100

Most men secretly (or not so secretly) love a bit of pampering from time to time. Give him everything he needs for a relaxing evening with this gorgeous gift box which is full to the brim with pamper products he’s sure to enjoy.


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