What is fragrance zoning?

A collection of scents for the home by the hamper lounge

What is fragrance zoning?
There is a brand new lifestyle and wellness trend called fragrance zoning, scent zoning or scent - scaping.
This is the practice of dividing up your home, or different times of your day, using different scents, compartmentalising each room or time period in your mind. Something to think about when thinking of any new home gift hamper.
What are the benefits?
" I recommend using the power of aroma to modulate your psychology," says Dr. Tara Stewart, neuroscientist. " We can use scent to help us focus on work without distraction, to reduce stress or to motivate us to exercise. I recommend using scent to structure our day in terms of a morning and evening ritual " Certain aromas can send subconscious triggers to produce certain states of mind.
" Our sense of smell is linked to the parts of the brain governing instinct, memory and emotion, and it is the most evocative and primitive of all our senses " says Aromatherapy Associates Education and Wellbeing Director Christina Salcedas. " Using these pathways, essential oils and fragrances can have a dynamic effect on our emotional state. They help us transform our moods, moving from one state of mind to another " " This is a fairly new trend -  the rationale is to harness the positive effects that scents have on our feelings and mood " says Msc in clinical, developmental psychology and neuropsychology Giada Brianza. 
How do you fragrance zone?
Experts recommend using one scent for work and concentration, and a totally different one for winding down and relaxing.
For example, you could use a zesty citrus scent in the morning, and a refreshing and stimulating peppermint for an afternoon pick me up, and a relaxing lavender in the evening.
You can also fragrance different rooms in your home, for example a lemon or citrus scent in the bathroom and a relaxing lavender in the bedroom.
At Hamper Lounge, we stock a fantastic range of exquisite scented candles and scent diffusers, lovingly crafted by The Harrogate Candle Company and Addison Ross. We love them equally, since their fragrances are highly individual and very distinct from each other. So we are very happy to include the ranges of both these luxury candle makers!
The Harrogate Candle Company uses only the very best quality essential oils and they have created a range in five signature fragrances.
Why not try the geranium, eucalyptus and orange diffuser for an energising and refreshing start to your day?
At the end of your working day, why not relax and unwind with the aid of the deliciously sensual dark amber and sandalwood candle, and then, when it's time for your pre bed time soak, unwind in the bath accompanied with the vanilla musk and lavender candle.

We also stock exquisite candles lovingly made in the UK by luxury home accessories retailer Addison Ross. Each candle has been hand poured and are presented in a beautiful frosted glass container with a stunning engraved silver plated lid. Our four favourite scents are available to buy - Wild Lily, Orchards of Sicily, Off The Beaten Track and Planetary Rings.

All of our scent diffusers and scented candles are available to order for nationwide delivery, either separately, accompanied with a bottle of wine, champagne or chocolates, or in one of our gorgeous gift boxes or hampers. We think they make a perfect gift for the special person in your life, whether it's for a birthday an anniversary or any other special occasion, so why not check out our range of scent centred gifts now a great home hamper idea?  Perfect for any new home.

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