Why do people love chocolate?

Why do people love chocolate?

Chocolate is made from the beans of the tropical cacao tree. Most of these trees are grown in Western Africa where the tropical climate is perfect for cacao beans to flourish. But why is chocolate so addictively delicious? The answer may be more complex than you realise.

We at the Hamper Lounge have hand picked a wide range of gifts including some exquisitely delicious chocolate hamper selections.

The chemistry of chocolate actually plays a huge part in why it is so well-loved and delicious. There are a few hundred chemicals within your typical bar but the most important ones are theobromine, anandamide and caffeine. Theobromine and caffeine are stimulants and, although they only appear in miniscule amounts, it’s enough to give chocolate that addictive feel which means you can never just have one square! Feeling chocolatey yet? Try our scrumptious ‘I Love Chocolate Mini Box’ to get your chocolate fix or send to a chocolate-obsessed friend today.

Another important element of chocolate is a chemical called anandamide. This is a neurotransmitter and actually comes from the Sanskrit "ananda", meaning ‘joy or bliss’. This chemical stimulates the brain and releases a sort of ‘chocolate high’.

Interestingly, the texture of chocolate has as much to do with its delicious addictiveness as the chemical elements. The melt in your mouth sensation combined with a smooth texture actually releases dopamine in your brain as you eat chocolate. Dopamine is a ‘feel good’ chemical released when you experience joy or happiness. Because dopamine makes you feel good, we can often crave chocolate when stressed or upset. Eating a bar of chocolate when you’ve had a rough day can actually reduce stress levels. If your friend or loved one is having a bad day, why not send them our ‘Tea and Chocs Box’. Complete with two types of luxury tea and a box of speciality chocolates that will certainly brighten their day. A great chocolate hamper idea.

Simply put- we crave chocolate because it tastes amazing. The smell, look and feel of it all releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals in our brains and kicks off our cravings. And, in moderation, there are actually a lot of benefits to consuming this lovely treat. Looking to send a gift to the chocolate lover in your life? Our ‘Chocolate Lover Gift Box’ is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys chocolate. Packed with a selection of gourmet truffles and bars, this box is great as a birthday, anniversary or thank you gift.

If you’re worried about missing out on the benefits of chocolate because you’re vegan then worry no more! You can still experience a ‘chocolate-high’ from dark and vegan chocolate whilst staying completely animal product free. Send the vegan chocolate lover in your life our ‘Vegan Chocolate Lover Gift Box’, luxuriously filled with vegan chocolate delights. What a great fathers day idea!

Treat your friends and loved ones with a chocolate gift to remind them just how much you care. Our ‘House of Dorchester Mini Choc Box’ celebrates the best of British with luxurious mini chocolates. Whatever your favourite chocolate, send some today and receive 10% off your first chocolate hamper with us.





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