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If you know someone who loves food, drinks and treats, then a hamper gift is the perfect way to say thank you or good luck. We've put together our favourite hampers gifts from some of the world's most luxurious brands - so whether you're looking for something special for Father's Day this year or just want to treat yourself after a hard week at work, there's something for everyone here.

Food and drink

There are different types of hamper gifts, but the most popular usually contain either food or drinks. Food hampers are great for anyone who loves to eat, while drink hampers are a good option if you’re sending it to someone who appreciates their liquor.

Food hampers can contain everything from cheeses and chocolates to savoury snacks and warm drinks like mulled wine. When choosing what to include in your food hamper, think about whether it suits the person receiving it. For example, if you know for a fact that they have a sweet tooth, consider sending them a hamper filled with chocolate treats.

Drink hampers have a similar range of possibilities depending on whether you want to go down the alcoholic route or not. We would always recommend being aware of any allergies when doing so. You could opt for some beer packaged with an assortment of nuts, or you could send coffee or tea to those who’d rather stay away from alcohol.

Bit of pampering

Instead of flowers, choose spa Mothers Day gifts hampers. This is something your mum will appreciate knowing that it’s always a good time to get some pampering. Spa baskets are a great choice for anyone who needs to relax and unwind after a long day. You can choose from several different styles depending on what type of products you want to include in the basket, such as gift baskets of luxury toiletries or bath products.

Luxury toiletries, when packaged in a gift hamper, make the perfect gift. You'll find traditional pampering staples like body scrub, lotion and soap. These hampers aren't limited just for women though—if you know someone who prefers using bar soap over liquid cleansers then this hamper will still make an excellent choice!

mothers day gift hamper

Taste of luxury

There’s nothing like a gift hamper to show someone how much you care. A luxurious hamper has everything they need in one box, with high quality food and drink that will make them feel special. Whether it’s wine, chocolates or cheese – these gifts are the perfect way to say ‘you’re worth it!’

Gourmet gifts

A good gourmet gift will be an instant hit with your recipient - and once you've selected the perfect option for your loved ones, don't forget that hampers can also be personalised with a thoughtful message card inside. With so many options available there's something for everyone; whether it's a simple chocolate box or a sophisticated glass bottle of champagne - our expert team have put together some great options which we hope will help inspire!


  • It should be easy for the recipient to use.
  • It should be easy for the recipient to get to.
  • It should be easy for the recipient to store.
  • It should be easy for the recipient to share (if applicable).
  • If you have a specific occasion in mind, try finding one that matches your budget and theme!

Don't worry about choosing the perfect hamper, there is a gift for everyone!

mothers day gift hampers online

Choosing hamper gifts Mothers Day packages for someone like your mum can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of options available that will suit everyone from your best friend to the neighbour who always brings you that trusty casserole when needed. The key is knowing what to look for when choosing the perfect gift.

  • Know the recipient: Think about their interests and hobbies, what they already have and if there's anything that they might like. If you're not sure about something, ask them! It's always better than guessing at what to buy them and ending up with something completely inappropriate (or just plain boring).
  • Choose something appropriate: Check the occasion before you buy anything - if your friend is celebrating an engagement, then perhaps chocolates just won't cut it. And don't forget yourself - after all, who doesn't love receiving a beautiful box of chocolates on Valentine's Day?
  • Include a card: Don't forget this important step even though many people would rather send emails or texts instead of cards these days. There's still nothing quite like receiving an actual handwritten note from someone close while opening up your beautiful hamper gift!

So there you have it, the five best hamper gifts to spoil someone this Christmas. You can now go and treat yourself or your loved ones to a nice gift that they'll love!

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So why not come and visit us today? We're sure you'll find something you love. Thanks for choosing Hamper Lounge!

Not everyone knows where to start when looking for gift hampers and nor do they know what to look for. So here are some FAQs for you to check out.

What are home fragrance gift hampers?

A home fragrance gift hamper is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. They are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or just because. has a wide selection of hampers to choose from, all of which are filled with high-quality home fragrance products. These hampers make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to enjoy the smell of their home.

Is champagne suitable for gift hampers?

Yes, champagne is a popular choice for gift hampers and a Mother’s Day gift hamper. It is often seen as a luxurious item and is perfect for giving to someone who enjoys a sophisticated tipple. There are many different types of champagne available, so you can choose one that best suits the recipient's taste.

What chocolate is the best for Mother’s Day gift hampers in the UK?

gift sets for mum

There are many different types of chocolate that should be part of your list of Mothers Day gift hampers UK ideas, but some of the most popular options include milk, and dark and white chocolate. If you're looking for something a bit more unique, you could also consider choosing chocolate that has been infused with interesting flavours such as orange, raspberry, or mint.

How do I choose gift sets for mum?

Wondering how to choose gift sets for mum? Truth is, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best gift set for your mum will ultimately depend on her personal preferences. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind that may help you narrow down your options.

First, consider what type of products your mum would most appreciate. Does she prefer skincare, makeup, or hair care? Or does she prefer more general health and wellness products? You can also think about whether she has any particular concerns or needs that you could address with a gift set. For instance, if she struggles with dry skin, you might look for a set that includes hydrating skincare products.

Giveraway Hamper Lounge Logo 720x
Whether you are looking for luxury gift hampers, a personalised cheese hamper or an amazing selection of gourmet food & wine boxes, a present from Hamper Lounge truly shows how much you care.
And with next day delivery within the UK for orders placed before 1pm, we're the perfect choice every time
Giveraway Hamper Lounge Logo 720x
Whether you are looking for luxury gift hampers, a personalised cheese hamper or an amazing selection of gourmet food & wine boxes, a present from Hamper Lounge truly shows how much you care.
And with next day delivery within the UK for orders placed before 1pm, we're the perfect choice every time
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